Expressions Untold

This is my good friend (he prefers to keep his name anonymous for security purposes) with his brand Expressions Untold. He is a writer and photographer, one of the most vibrant and honest people I have ever met (and I’m not just saying that because he’s my friend lol).

Expressions Untold is not just your ordinary writer or photographer… he speaks and captures love in the purest form. He is preceding boundaries and furthering limits on self love.

He says; “A lot of closed minded people see my work as provocative, explicit and inappropriate.” (It’s true, I have witnessed him making at least five different Instagram accounts). The point is, those who appreciate art, love and the human body, will understand and appreciate his message in a beautifully crafted way.

Expressions Untold also says; “My true passion is glorifying the human form through poetry and photography… I want to change the perception of sexuality and how we see the nude from.  If we embrace every part of ourself, it will help us break through many of our internal struggles and how society views us.”

img_0199He is twenty-six years old from Petersburg, Virginia. He graduated from ODU in 2013. He has previously owned a mobile app company, and co-owned a t-shirt company. He currently works as a motivational speaker with college students and is also a professional photographer. He is working on building his brand Expressions Untold. His website, book and narrative documentary are coming sooner than later!



See some of his work below:


“We’ve done you such a disservice. Reducing your worth to only your physical assets while ignoring the true beauty of your soul. I’m ashamed to think that my kind did this to you. We looked past the wonder in your eyes. We blatantly disregarded the gifts of your mind, all because our lack of understanding and appreciation couldn’t look past your behind. We didn’t focus on it’s love lines, but instead it’s size. I only hope that in the future we do better. I hope that in the coming days we begin to open up our minds to see with our third eye what all you have inside.” –Expression Untold
“Before you touch her, love her. Before you kiss her, appreciate every part of her. See the beauty in her skin before you dive in. Love her for her weaknesses, so when she shows you her strength, you’ll love her even more…” –Expressions Untold


To read more of Expressions Untold, follow him on his social media below:





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